Student Perception Survey Toolkit

Colorado’s Student Perception Survey

We know that teachers care about improving their instructional practice and their students. Historically, direct feedback from students has been not been included in the data available to improve instructional practice. In an effort to create an effective and reliable tool that makes it safe for teachers to experience relevant and actionable feedback from students, The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) created Colorado’s Student Perception Survey (SPS). The survey was developed with input from over 1,400 teachers throughout Colorado and is grounded in best practices for fair and equitable evaluation. Colorado’s SPS is a 34-question instrument for grades 3-5 and 6-12 that asks students about their classroom experience.

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Students of all ages are able to provide helpful feedback about their classroom experiences for use by their teachers. Colorado’s Student Perception Survey is currently developed for students in grades 3-12 to provide feedback to their teachers in order to improve practice and inform instruction. CEI currently has no plans to develop a survey for students in kindergarten through grade 2 (K-2), as creating and properly administering a valid and reliable measure of student perceptions for high-stakes use in teacher evaluations is difficult generally, and especially difficult with regard to the very youngest students. If you are interested in using a K-2 survey, please see our guidance document, Guidelines and Best Practices for Surveying Young Learners.

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