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Thank you for your commitment to helping CEI achieve our vision that all young people in Colorado exit K-12 education boldly taking their next steps toward hopeful, equitable, and prosperous futures. This requires an education system that delivers on the promise of public education to develop thriving young people and flourishing communities.

Your donations strengthen CEI’s ability to Champion, Empower, and Ignite public education:

CHAMPIONING 56,947 heroes (our public school teachers!) to support every young person in Colorado to thrive in their future.

EMPOWERING 1,824 schools to provide the foundation for flourishing Colorado communities.

IGNITING 178 school districts to continuously improve and elevate public trust in public education.

We collaborate with a robust network of school districts and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) statewide to make schooling more relevant and meaningful for today’s learners. Together, we can cultivate stronger educational outcomes and a brighter, thriving future for Colorado.

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