Our Impact


We turn the promise of public education
into a tangible and vibrant reality to build stronger educational outcomes and a brighter, thriving future for Colorado.

We do this through:

District-Level Systems Impact
We work in school districts to change practices in high-impact focus areas, including career-connected learning, social emotional development, family and community partnership, and leadership and governance necessary to scale this work.

State-Level Ecosystem Building
We partner with policy, advocacy, and other education leaders and organizations to influence policy alignment, address disincentives, and build broader public value and support that is necessary to sustain local district systems impact.

Statewide Diffusion
We share impact and spread effective practices across high-impact focus areas to increase student and teacher access statewide.


CEI launched its work this 2023-24 school year with active partnerships across 99 districts and four BOCES in the state. These partnerships support major school district transformation efforts and projects that work to make school more meaningful and relevant for today’s learners.
This reflects partnerships with 55 percent of Colorado’s school districts, including 33 to 74 percent of districts within each region of the state.

CEI Design Commitments

We’ve identified six fundamental components of all breakthrough systems initiatives that define what we believe are critical levers for system transformation and sustained impact.

CEI approaches our collective work through these six Design Commitments and implements human-centered design strategies to ensure our work is deeply informed by all key stakeholders.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Relevant Learning


Leadership & Change Management


Youth Activation


Social Emotional Development


Family & Community Partnership

By the Numbers

of school and district partners rank CEI as “best-in-class” and in their top 5% to top 25% of implementation partners.

of school and district partners rate CEI as an effective implementation expert in the Colorado K-12 education landscape.

of school and district partners rate CEI as an effective statewide convener in the Colorado K-12 education landscape.

“CEI is always at the [fore]front of delivering just in time, relevant professional learning, strategic planning, and leadership support. Thank you. CEI has made a difference for kids, families, educators, and businesses in our community. We wouldn't be at the spot we are in terms of instructional shifts without the support from CEI.”

– Clear Creek Schools Partner