CEI is a statewide nonprofit organization that invests time, expertise and dollars in K-12 public education. We are rooted in a vision of equitable outcomes for every kid that drives a strong bias for action, focused on sustainable change to the system.

We are known as a visionary organization that fuses best practices with innovation, that is tuned into today’s school dynamic and always mindful of what the future demands.


Local Innovation in School Accountability
Accountability graphic
Measuring the effectiveness of our public schools is important. However, what we measure, how we measure, and then how we respond to that information are all choices to be made by the state, districts, schools, and communities. On November 28th, we gathered local school and district leaders, as well as national experts in the field, who are shifting the way they think about accountability. We discussed the next phase of what we measure in schools, how we measure it, and innovative structures for school accountability that promote community engagement and continuous improvement.

Learn more about our accountability work here.

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