Designing Community Partnerships to Expand Student Learning Toolkit

Community Partnerships Matter — This Toolkit Can Help

Community partnerships are one of the best ways to create next generation learning environments that expand learning time, engage students, and energize the school community.


They bring real-world learning to students — by learning code from parent volunteers who work in high tech; by building rockets with an engineering and architectural firm; or by taking a baking class with a local pastry chef to learn about food science, local agriculture, and health.


This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to creating community partnerships that support next generation learning environments. It was created by The Colorado Education InitiativeGeneration Schools Network, and 2Revolutions.


Next generation learning creates the opportunity for students to connect with the larger world, learn about careers, work on solving social problems, and develop skills they will need to be happy, healthy, and productive 21st century adults.


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Reimagine Talent to Expand Student Learning

Welcoming community partners or family and community volunteers expands opportunities for students. This toolkit walks through these seven steps to consider before partnering with community organizations and volunteers:


  1. Refine your school’s expanded learning time vision.
  2. Hire a community partner coordinator.
  3. Find community partners and volunteers — recruiting the right people.
  4. Secure the relationships.
  5. Recruit volunteers.
  6. Onboard your community partners and volunteers.
  7. Continually communicate with all stakeholders.
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