Teacher Perception Survey Toolkit

At a Glance

The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) worked closely with 16 partner districts during a pilot process for Colorado’s Teacher Perception Survey (TPS) to identify best practices regarding survey planning, administration, and reporting. This comprehensive toolkit compiles all of the lessons learned and best practices that were gathered from this diverse group of partners.

How to use this toolkit:

  • Start on the Implement tab and download the TPS planning guide for a comprehensive overview of the entire planning, administration, and results processes.
  • Throughout the planning guide, materials such as editable templates, checklists, protocols, and PowerPoint presentations are referenced. Those documents are hyperlinked in the guide, and can also be found on the Resources tab. 


What additional resources are available to me as a district leader?
How do I communicate with teachers about Colorado’s Teacher Perception Survey
How do I communicate with other stakeholders about Colorado’s student survey?


Where can I see the survey?
What do teachers need to know to complete the survey?
Where do I find the online version of the survey?

Results and Reflection

How can I use district-level results?
How can I use results in the UIP process?

Technical Report

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