Seeing is Believing Videos

Next Generation Learning ‘Seeing is Believing’ Video Series

Schools across Colorado are redesigning teaching and learning to better prepare the next generation of learners for success in the 21st Century. The Colorado Education Initiative and Rose Community Foundation are capturing the stories of early adopters to help educators learn from one another about innovation.

West Generation Academy

West Generation Academy is rethinking time and talent and engaging with business and community partners to personalize learning for students and expand planning and support for educators.

Adams 50 School District

Adams 50 is implementing a competency-based system where learning is the constant, and time is the variable. The system supports students in learning at their own pace, and provides educators with data and structures that make this possible.

Denver School of Science & Technology

Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) has embedded expanded time, technology, core values, and a strong data culture to increase educator effectiveness and improve student outcomes.

Grant Beacon Middle School 

Grant Beacon Middle School is leveraging expanded time, technology, blended learning, and community partners to personalize learning for students and better support educators in doing so.

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