How to Build AP Programs that Excel

How to Build AP Programs that Excel: Best Practices for School Leaders

FACILITATE extended learning opportunities for students.

  • Develop AP-specific peer tutoring (bring in members of the private sector and higher ed).
  • Ensure AP teachers have access to the building outside of school hours.
  • Develop an AVID to AP pipeline.

SUPPORT Saturday Study Sessions.

  • Arrange transportation.
  • Post signs.
  • Make regular announcements.

RECRUIT students.

  • Specifically address AP at class meetings and recruitment fairs (feel free to invite us!).
  • Advertise AP in the hallways and counseling office.
  • Have teachers go door to door to sell their classes.
  • Document success by creating AP success stories in film.

DEVELOP an AP culture.

  • Celebrate with AP students at year’s end (BBQs, pizza parties, etc.).
  • Provide AP T-shirts, wristbands, or lanyards.
  • Reward AP success at graduation.
  • Recognize AP success in centrally-located academic showcases.

PROVIDE basic needs on AP test day with breakfasts and pep talks.

PRIORITIZE AP course instructional time.

VALUE AP teachers’ needs for both AP and non-AP PD time.

HELP teachers with mock exam logistics.

  • Support full, 3-hour exam time frames.
  • Utilize block periods or assessment days.

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