Colorado Springs D-11 Selected to Help Develop Ways to Meet New Graduation Guidelines for ‘Next Generation Learning’

July 15, 2014

By: Debbie Kelley
Colorado Springs Gazette
July 15, 2014

Along with mastering shoelace tying, kindergartners who do activities like Skype with students in a classroom in another country, exchange emails and figure out their similarities and differences will be more ready for college or the workforce after graduating from high school.
At least that’s the thought these days, as policy makers push for changing the familiar teaching and learning landscape and moving to new educational models.
“It’s our responsibility to make children employable when they graduate, and not everything we did 20 years ago is necessary now,” said Denise Rubio-Gurnett, principal at Trailblazer Elementary School in Colorado Springs School District 11.
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