CEI 2021-2023 Goals

CEI’s 2021-2023 goals reflect the major systems implications of this moment and our commitment to bridging the gap between leaders making statewide systems decisions and leaders doing the work in school systems every day, and amplifying learning from bold implementation projects in ways that build broader movements to disrupt existing policy barriers.

Education outcomes diagram
Referred to as “Essential Skills” by Colorado statute, Running Kid outcomes include the development of academic, professional, personal, entrepreneurial, and civic outcomes for all students at scale, and by design.

The bulk of our work will continue to have us shoulder to shoulder with district and school partners in the field, but as an intermediary, we are also positioned with state and national partners to ensure Colorado fully maximizes opportunity for breakthrough change. Specifically, CEI is interested to bring about state and local changes that support Colorado communities to rethink accountability and school quality measures, and increase student access to relevant pathways that support equitable development of skills and competencies essential for college and career readiness.  

COVID spotlighted many of these challenges, particularly related to actionable assessment data, instructional time, and staffing. Funding, partnership, and policy flexibilities resulting from COVID recovery create new opportunity to drive increased relevance and experiential learning. Work-based and out-of-school time learning are two areas ripe to catalyze significant system transformation in the next two years, both pushing on current notions of seat time. However, such change is unlikely without concerted partnership, learning, and capacity building. CEI is committed to leaning in to these behaviors to accelerate our 2023 goals in the next two years. 

Goal 1

Colorado school districts
equitably, predictably,
and reliably produce
Running Kid outcomes

Goal 2

Colorado communities embrace
a broader understanding
of school quality

Goal 3

Colorado maximizes
the policy and funding
opportunities of recovery
to enable breakthrough
change that drives equity
and relevance in high schools