School Improvement Support

CEI provides executive coaching throughout the improvement planning process to support leaders as they advance through the program.

The typical timeline for improvement planning work is six months; this can be extended to 1.5 years in support of early implementation and measurement efforts. After completion of the five phases listed below, early implementation work is dictated by the depth of support needed and the priority areas of implementation.

Phase 1: Project Launch and Discovery
  • Project Launch: Set objectives and deliverable expectations; gather background information about current school/district context; and plan for strategic communications and steering committee development.
  • Initial Data Preparation: Design and carry out data collection and analysis plan based on improvement planning framework, analyze and visualize data to identify themes and support decision-making.
Phase 2: Community Listening and Learning and Data Collection
  • Data Collection: Design and facilitate community listening and learning sessions.
  • Steering Committee Kick Off: Finalize steering committee membership and kick off initial steering committee work.
Phase 3: Graduate Profile and Strategic Plan Development
  • Steering Committee and Graduate Profile Development: Facilitate data inquiry protocol with qualitative and quantitative data and identify priorities through an inclusive consensus building process.
  • Graduate Profile Development: Facilitate community-driven process to identify core competencies and themes that will ultimately inform the graduate profile.
  • Improvement Planning Design Team Facilitation: Work with smaller groups to further define priorities and goals, identify measures, and define aligned initiatives and potential additional work. Draft a comprehensive plan that includes strategic priorities aligned to an overarching vision.
Phase 4: Reporting and Recommendations
  • Improvement Plan Approval: Refine plan language with broader steering committee and engage in consensus approval process.
  • Public Presentation of Improvement Plan and Project Close Out: Co-design improvement plan presentation for Board of Education and community; share resources aligned to improvement plan priorities with district leaders; and present recommendations for next steps to support implementation.
Phase 5: Improvement Plan in Action – Early Implementation Supports
  • Implementation Supports: CEI implementation supports may include a combination of the following most requested services: professional development training series aligned to plan priority areas (e.g., social emotional development; family community partnership; work-based learning; diversity, equity, and inclusion; graduate profile rollout and integration with instructional program).
  • Executive Coaching: Continued coaching support for systems leaders to ensure effective implementation and accountability.
  • Measurement and Continuous Improvement Support: CEI can provide support with implementation of the measurement plan which includes advising on the district’s survey program and other data/measurement infrastructure.