2024 Accountability EdPapers – Measuring What Matters: A More Balanced Approach to Standardized Testing

April 30, 2024

April 2024

A critical component of reimagining high school accountability in Colorado is recognizing robust measures of student achievement, growth, and college and career readiness in the accountability framework.  

Last month, we shared our stance that it is critical to measure what matters in a student’s high school experience. We believe there is an important place for the SAT in school quality ratings, but other things also matter.  

The third paper in CEI’s Accountability EdPaper series explores making space for a performance framework as holistic as the skills we want our students to master as they prepare for life after high school. 

Key topics include:

  • Examining the value of the SAT.  
  • Exploring the role test policies have on applicant pools in higher education. 
  • Spotlighting a personal reflection of Colorado State University System Chancellor Tony Frank. 
  • Considering how Colorado can balance our framework to reflect and incentivize the skills and experiences all students deserve.

We are excited to share this paper and invite your feedback and questions. Join us in the conversation and connect with CEI’s Vice President of Policy and Partnership, Amber Elias, if you would like to engage in this work. 

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