Next Generation Learning Self-Assessment Tool

Next Generation Learning Self-Assessment Tool

For our nation to lead in a global society, we must maximize the potential of every student to contribute as engaged and productive members of a 21st century economy and community.

We believe that the education system needs to help every student gain the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a dynamic, global society by helping all students develop the academic, professional and entrepreneurial competencies that the modern economy demands. In addition, students should be supported in developing a drive to contribute to society in ways that improve our state, nation and world, as well as challenging themselves, and taking responsibility for maximizing their own talent and potential. For more information on each of these students outcomes, please see our website.

The purpose of this tool is to help educators understand how their current practices are likely to translate into each of these outcomes for their students: academic competencies, professional competencies, entrepreneurial competencies, self-knowledge, and a drive to contribute.

The tool will also provide respondents with information about how their current practices promote emerging learning environment characteristics which we believe help engender these student outcomes.  The assessment is correlated to these two concepts, however due to the limitations of a single tool, it does not correlate with other teacher quality or school quality standards.

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