Using Student Perception Survey Results in Educator Evaluations

Districts across the state are using Colorado’s Student Perception Survey to gather input from students about their educational experience. Some districts are also incorporating these results into their educator evaluation systems. Thompson School District and Bayfield School District both decided to only share teacher-level results with teachers, and aggregate school- and district-level results with school and district administrators. Both Thompson and Bayfield found innovative ways to incorporate survey results into the evaluation system while still maintaining teacher control over their individual results.

Thompson School District

In Thompson School District, teachers can choose whether to use their survey results as an additional measure for their professional practices. They can choose an area or areas from their own results, describe how the survey item is connected to the teacher quality standards, and then write a personal reflection about how the results reflect their teaching practice. Many teachers chose to use their survey results as an additional measure because they can often provide evidence that may not be apparent to an evaluator during an observation.

Bayfield School District

In Bayfield School District, teachers are required to incorporate a part of their survey results in their professional growth plan and share that data with their evaluator. Teachers can choose which part or parts of their results they would like to share.

Every staff received a presentation on the two year data results. The presentation included comparisons in all four domains between the years and also with the state cohort. The highest 5 ranking questions and lowest 5 ranking questions were shared and discussed. Each staff’s presentation was tailored to their school’s data.

District level comparisons of the two year data was shared with the district’s 1338 committee and also with the school board.

Student governments in each building participated in a discussion about the data presentations also. The high school student government will meet for 2 hours in mid April to a deeper dive into the data that will result in an action plan recommendation. The students will present their findings and recommendations to the staff.

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