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When the bell rings at 3:15 p.m., do brain cells turn off? Of course not. Next Generation Learning is an innovative teaching and learning platform designed to ignite the unique potential of every student through the creation and delivery of personalized teaching and learning experiences. It integrates a range of new and existing teaching and learning tools, resources and approaches into a more personalized, engaging and relevant learning experience.


We believe there is no one-size fits all.  We understand the powerful potential of tapping into each student’s passions, interests, and learning styles and creating customized learning that ignites and inspires. READ MORE >

SpaceLab Professional Learning

SpaceLab is CEI’s new series of statewide next generation professional learning opportunities that carve out space and time for educators to collaborate, try new approaches, and solve problems that matter. READ MORE >

New Work

In partnership with The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) and Colorado Department of Education (CDE), three school districts are redesigning schools as part of a national effort launched by Next Generation Learning Challenges. This Colorado coalition is one of only six in the nation. READ MORE >

Get Engaged:  Events, Convenings, and Online Opportunities

We believe in looking beyond walls, clocks and classrooms. We want to help find more ways to reach kids in all the places they are—helping them learn and expand their horizons far beyond the traditional school day or school environment. READ MORE >


We believe in putting inspiring resources in the hands of educators.  READ MORE >


See whom we are partnering with in the world of next generation learning.  READ MORE >

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SpaceLab: Creating Space to Design the Future of Learning

NGL Environments: Spotlight on Pennington Elementary

What is Next Generation Learning?

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