Colorado STEM Resources & Roadmap

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Colorado STEM Resources and Roadmap

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) are driving our global marketplace. We need to ensure today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders are passionate about all the possibilities these areas of study hold. The Colorado Education Initiative is focused on preparing all Coloradans for success in a 21st century economy and community. We know achieving this goal requires strengthening STEM education and training, and providing a rigorous focus on these concepts in an integrated way.

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Current STEM Opportunities

Colorado STEMworks Database
In January, a new partnership among The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI), Colorado Technology Association (CTA), and Change the Equation (CTEq) launched the Colorado STEMworks pilot to identify and promote effective science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs. The project will result in a database of effective programs across Colorado, as well as grants to promote and expand programs that offer experience-to-career relevance.

CTA is pleased to invite Colorado STEM programs to submit an application to become part of the Colorado STEMworks database. If you are interested in submitting a STEM program to go through the review process, please visit CTA’s website to learn more about applying.

You can also apply directly here today!

Why STEM? The Innovation Imperative

Through the leadership of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s administration, Colorado is on the path to becoming the most innovative state in the country. Key to achieving this standard of excellence is the leadership of Colorado’s private sector. With talent being a key driver of innovation, the public and private sectors in Colorado are focusing on growing local talent to ensure a strong, vibrant economic ecosystem.

Strengthening science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and experiences for all students is a critical component to supporting innovation. STEM competencies — often referred to as STEM literacy — prepare students to be critical thinkers, to persevere through failure to achieve success, to communicate and collaborate across real and perceived barriers, and to solve complex and ever-changing problems. Coloradans with these competencies will drive innovations and fuel our increasingly STEM-based economy.

Invest in improving STEM education and outcomes in Colorado by becoming a STEM Friend, Advocate, or Champion today. Click here to make your commitment.

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The Importance of STEM in Education – Lt. Governor of Colorado, Joe Garcia

What is STEM Education?

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