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Colorado’s School Health Inventory

This streamlined tool available in Colorado allows all K-12 public schools to assess their health efforts to help ensure students are healthy and ready to learn. Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source replaces various state and national data collection efforts to provide schools with meaningful data and reduce the burden of multiple school health tools. It serves as the Colorado inventory for understanding school health policy and practice.

Smart Source Relocates to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Smart Source has found a permanent home at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and will be administered in conjunction with the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) to help schools capture a complete picture of school health. It is anticipated that the next statewide administration will take place in 2019-20 and schools are encouraged to adopt an every-other-school year schedule.

The transition from CEI to CDPHE will take place during summer 2018. During that time, Smart Source will be “off-line” such that any requests for data, access to the online survey, or other inquiries will not be answered. More information about when Smart Source will be up and running is forthcoming. If your inquiry is urgent, please contact Emily Love (CEI) for inquires related to past participation and  Mariana del Hierro (CDPHE) for inquiries related to future administrations.

For more information about the 2017-18 administration and to access state-level data, please click on the data tab below.

Tool Content

Smart Source is aligned with the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and comprehensively assesses school health efforts across the following components:

  • General health policies and practices
  • Nutrition
  • Physical education and activity
  • Health education
  • Health services
  • Counseling, psychological, and social services
  • Healthy and safe school environments
  • Family, community, and student involvement
  • Staff health promotion

Data Utility

Schools can use Smart Source data to:

  • Identify areas of need related to health.
  • Make the case for:
    • Resources such as funding and community partnerships
    • Policy change at the state, district, and school levels
    • Implementation of new programs
  • Garner support for school health efforts from school board members, administrators, parents, students, teachers, and communities.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of school health policies and practices over time.

Navigating the Smart Source Report

Smart Source inventory — See the instrument and individual items.

Smart Source FAQs — Get answers to your questions.

Smart Source one-page overview — Read a quick summary of the 2017-18 process.

Summary of Validity and Reliability Evidence – Read an in-depth report on the Smart Source methodology and instrument.

Sample combined school immediate report – See an example immediate report.

Sample elementary school final report — See an example final report.

Sample secondary school final report — See an example final report.

Healthy Schools Best Practices Guide — See an overview of best practices in school health.

Smart Source 2015-16 pilot executive summary – See results for the second pilot.

Smart Source 2014-15 pilot executive summary — See results from the first pilot.

Webinar: Navigating the Smart Source Reports
Watch the recording from March 8, 2018 for a general overview of the Smart Source reports.

State-level 2017-18 Smart Source data are now publicly available! Representing 677 schools (37% of schools in Colorado) and spliced in various ways, these data can help to inform important health and wellness initiatives in the state and in your community.

2017-18 Statewide Data

Data Snapshots

Data Tables

Download the following Excel spreadsheets to view 2017-18 Smart Source data.

2015-16 Statewide Data

Twenty-five percent — or 451 Colorado schools — volunteered to participate in the 2015-16 Smart Source tool and for the first time in Colorado, there is information that tells us what schools are doing to comprehensively impact students’ health.

Data Tables

Download the following Excel spreadsheets to view 2015-16 Smart Source data.

*The district-size aggregate represents data combined within various district sizes, not individual district results.

Data Snapshots

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