Our Role in Education Innovation


We define what improved student achievement really looks like and help determine what will it take to get there.


We question current assumptions about education and shift age-old thinking by conducting research, hosting outside-the-box dialogues and seeding innovative ideas.


We catalyze bold, comprehensive change in public education in Colorado by sharing knowledge, creating collaborative partnerships and building capacity.


We nurture and maximize innovation by providing the space and support for prototyping new ideas and working with education leaders who are prepared to embrace what works.


We believe effective educators deployed strategically hold the potential to stimulate student achievement and close the achievement gap.

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“The Colorado Education Initiative has done more for public education in Colorado in the last five years than all the efforts of the last 20. CEI always has the most current research and best information for me to use. CEI is an incredible asset to education.”
Kenlyn Newman, Director of Student Engagement Initiatives, Adams 12 Five Star Schools

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