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Proceeds from Colorado Gives Day will provide on-the-spot funding to teachers through CEI’s popular Design Challenge workshops.
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CEI Announces Design Challenge Series for 2018

Colorado Education Initiative CEI is connecting people, passion, and possibilities with the expansion of the popular Design Challenge workshop. Originally a component of CEI’s annual Showcase conference, the Design Challenge is a chance for teachers and professionals to work side-by-side to bring teachers’ great ideas to fruition.

The series of standalone workshops, which can be customized to an industry focus (i.e. STEM, finance), will be held in a variety of locations in Colorado. Each event will provide Colorado’s business community with a chance to share their experience and business savvy with educators who are eager to design innovative ways for kids to explore their unique talents. A day at a CEI Design Challenge not only ignites teacher ideas, it also energizes all participants as they roll up their sleeves and find new ways to engage kids in deeper learning. And that’s just the start. When workshops conclude, teachers receive on-the-spot funding to make ideas become reality in their classrooms. Read more

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