Teacher Toolbox for Physical Activity Breaks in the Secondary Classroom

“When students go for a mile run in gym, they are more prepared to learn in their other classes: their senses are heightened; their focus and mood are improved; they’re less fidgety and tense; and they feel more motivated and invigorated.”  – Pg. 35

When you move more, you learn more because healthy students learn better. Research shows that physical activity (PA) affects the brain in ways that allow students to be more engaged and ready to learn.  Elementary students should not be the only ones to receive and benefit from PA breaks in the classroom. Within this guide you will find useful, tangible and practical tools and templates gathered from resources throughout the nation and within our own state to create, enhance and implement activity breaks in your secondary classroom.

Take a Break! Teacher Toolbox Highlights
  • Take a Break by adding an array of physical activity breaks for students in the 6th through 12th grades to your Teacher Toolbox. These 1-5 minutes breaks should be used once every 30-60 minutes every day for all students, and even yourself.
  • Schools often have the most success when they demonstrate PA Breaks during staff meetings.
  • Try demonstrating and giving out a few break activities at a time, rather than a huge stack all at once.
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