Raising the Bar for Teaching & Learning in Thompson School District

“I am a facilitator who helps them access their own knowledge and each other’s knowledge. On assessments, in their work and in conversations,  students are finally able to explain why things are happening, not just how to do it. And they’re excited about it.” – Kristina Smith, secondary math teacher in Thompson 

Thompson School District has taken an early lead in the implementation of Colorado’s new standards, evaluations and assessments. If you are a district leader, this publication is for you. It chronicles:

  • Thompson’s focus on providing teachers with high-quality training about the instructional shifts required to meet new standards.
  • Why this training helps teachers feel more confident about the state’s more rigorous requirements for evaluation.
  • How the focus on instruction and evaluation has driven the need for new and better assessments.
  • The transformative role of teacher leadership in this effort.

Through this work, leaders have emerged from every sector of the district,with teachers leading the effort to integrate the three strands of education initiatives, deepening and expanding each so they are seamlessly interconnected.

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