Health, Wellness, and Academics: A Leadville School and Community Success Story

In 2016, Lake County Intermediate School in Leadville was recognized with the Platinum Governor’s Award for School Health and Wellness. But it wasn’t long ago that health outcomes for Leadville kids weren’t so great, said district wellness coordinator Kerri Quinlan. That’s why educators across the district began focusing on meeting students’ basic health and wellness needs.

“What LCIS has done beautifully is use the time and resources they already had — and aligned health and wellness goals with academic achievement goals,” said Quinlan. “Really, they’re doing it all better.”

It’s making a difference not just for the school, but across the community. “When you walk our classrooms, when you see our kids on the playground, when you see our kids at lunch, you see it working,” said Lake County School District Superintendent Wendy Wyman. “It feels awesome. We are becoming the community we want to be.”

Times are changing in Leadville. Now, students have access to health care, communicate better with each other, eat healthier, and move more. They take breaks to “get their wiggles out” and when they get back to learning, they have more energy.

“Now when you walk through our doors, you hear people say, ‘This isn’t the same school as a couple years ago.’ And that feels really good — to be able to lead a group of staff into excellence,”
Principal Stephanie Gallegos
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