Colorado Career Conversations Training Project

Free, high-quality, professional development for individuals in Colorado who are positioned to have career conversations with students or others who are navigating career decisions.

The purpose of the Colorado Career Conversations Training Project is to provide free, high-quality, professional development to individuals throughout the state who are positioned to have career conversations with students, job seekers, clients, or others who may need support navigating career decisions.

The ideal participants for this training include school counselors, workforce center advisors, higher education advisors, college and career navigators, mentors, teachers, administrators, custodians, parents, after-school providers, librarians, and anyone who might have a career conversation. The ultimate objective of this initiative is to train 5,000 individuals by June 2020, expanding of the number of trained career advisors that are able to deliver a more consistent career advising experience.

The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) is responsible for developing and facilitating the training throughout the state on behalf of the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and in partnership with additional state agencies and partners.

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Regional Training Schedule and Registration

Schedule a Training for Your Specific Audience

Join us for a monthly webinar to learn more about the training, connect with others who have attended a training, and receive updates made to the training throughout the spring. All webinars will be held on Zoom using this link:

  • Thu, Feb 13th – 4pm
  • Thu, Feb 27th – 4pm
  • Mon, Mar 30th – 4pm
  • Thu, Apr 30th – 4pm
  • Thu, May 28th – 4pm
  • Thu, Jun 18th – 4pm
  • Tue, Jun 30th – 4pm

Training Formats

  • Ideal for anyone!
  • Walk away with an introduction to the Career Conversation Framework and resources to dig into topics further
  • Designed for individuals who might have a Career Conversation and for groups with different levels of experience
  • Dig into the Career Conversation Framework with time for practice and learning from your peers
  • Most appropriate for individuals who regularly coach or advise others as a refresher on current resources and best practices for career conversations
  • Dive deep into of each part of the Career Conversation Framework with lots of time for practice and practical application along with networking and sharing your own best practices and resources

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