LeRita Cavness

My concern for the future of the society I am most likely to grow old in is what led me to effect positive change within education. I desire to impact a student’s ability to be an effective learner.

About my Innovation Fellows project:

The product I offer is the Friendship School, a program to support disengaged students in building a vision and plan for their life. The goal of this program is to build skills and develop a comprehensive picture of the future in order to strengthen relevance for student learning.

When I’m not working you will find me…

Reading, in nature, at church, or at school.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are…

Passionate, focused, and lively.

My favorite quote is…

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” —Eleanor Roosevelt.

I love this quote because it tells me where to meet people. At different points in our lives we will have moments of being great, average, and small-minded. My personal End Goal is unity and happiness; this requires building relationships with people from all walks of life. You can make a connection with anyone, if you can find a common point of interest.

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