Jonathan Huie

My curiosity about other cultures led me to teach English in Mexico with very little training. As a result of my struggles as a teacher, I had the desire to gain as much knowledge as possible about language acquisition and pedagogy, and I completed a master’s program in Linguistically Diverse Education at University of Colorado Denver.

About my Innovation Fellows project:

Adults studying English as a second language often do not practice reading on their own. They use TV or film to learn English. My solution is to establish a book and film club that provides students a book to read as a group and opportunities to meet and watch films connected to the books. This social setting will promote in-person discussions and community building. Through an online platform students will answer questions and continue conversations about the content as they build writing and computer skills.

When I’m not working you will find me…

Running or reading.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are…

Idealistic, loyal, and persistent.

My favorite quote is…

“Me siento pobre, tonto y triste, / y llegas y eres una ráfaga / que vuela desde los duraznos” — Pablo Neruda
“I feel poor, foolish and sad, / and you arrive, and you are lightning / dancing off the peach trees”

This conveys a dramatic change in mood from melancholy to joy that the reader can actually feel in reading that one sentence, and relates a universal human experience to a dramatic event in nature, connecting the reader to a greater whole.

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