Christina Classen

I hated school when I was a student and decided to become a teacher when my children started to experience frustration with playing the game of school. My goal is to lead students to fall in love with learning and develop skills to become successful innovators who can succeed at changing the world.

About my Innovation Fellows project:

My solution is to create a collaboration and innovation lab to support teachers in rediscovering passion for their work and actively seeking ways to provide students with the deep, authentic learning experiences. Through collaboration we can focus on creating a culture of learning at our school.

When I’m not working you will find me…

Reading or spending time with my husband and kids.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are…

Passionate, tenacious, and creative.

My favorite quote is…

“Don’t be afraid to fail…be afraid not to try.”

I have struggled with being a “perfect perfectionist” since I was little. As I experience the ups and downs of life, I realize failure has been my best teacher and my willingness to be authentic with those around me is the greatest gift I can give.

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