Innovation Fellows Program

CEI is Partnering with Innovators in Education

During the summer of 2018, CEI launched an Innovation Fellows Program designed to boost the efforts of education entrepreneurs.

The inaugural program was designed to support local solutions tailored for the communities where innovators live, work, and play. Nine individuals and a team of two who were focused on one solution joined the fellowship and explored solutions to education-related problems impacting their communities. The CEI Innovation Fellows worked together and were paired with mentors to identify, define, and test solutions. During a five-week period, the 2018 Fellows honed their entrepreneurial mindset amidst a collaborative community of like-minded game-changers, and developed a pitch that they presented to potential funders.


Meet the 2018 Fellows

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2019 Innovation Fellowship

Recruitment for the next Summer Innovation Fellowship will begin in the spring of 2019. Follow CEI on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

What is an Education Entrepreneur?

Person one
A creative and innovative person who works in a classroom or school with a lot of compelling ideas about new ways to solve problems in education. While ncertainty exists about how to accelerate these solutions or how to take the next step, this person is highly energized by the potential they see.

Person two
A person with one or two promising ideas that they have done some thinking about, and they may have done some small tests with young people, teachers, or another user group. They want skills, a runway, and a network to keep pursuing and testing these ideas.

Person three
A person with a relatively well-honed idea for solving an educational problem, perhaps with the design or framework of an implementation plan fleshed out. Some pieces of the idea may need clarity or testing.

Opening Doors for Innovators

10 Fellows
with innovative ideas
for improving education
in Colorado classrooms
provided to each Fellow
to help develop their venture
Partnership with CEI
Four days of training
and collaboration
with education innovators


Send an email to
Innovation Specialist Paul Beck.


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