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The Challenge and CEI’s Solution

Evolving an entrenched, out-of-date system requires a focused approach to innovation. While external innovations have pushed around the edges of education for more than a decade, CEI believes that the innovators and innovations that will address longstanding education challenges reside within the educators working in Colorado’s classrooms and schools today. CEI’s approach to innovation focuses on people and on process more than on technology or specific interventions. We believe this will lead to more sustained and connected innovation efforts. The Lab at CEI provides Colorado educators with opportunity, support, and space to design the future of learning. 

Why This is a Smart Bet

The Lab at CEI logoAt a time when technology is racing forward to replace human jobs in many industries and globalization guarantees competition from all corners of the world, improvement efforts that push a small percent of our students to pass routine memorization exams is a false “mission accomplished.” To succeed today and tomorrow, students need to be self-starters, persistent, and comfortable with measured risk-taking. They need to possess specialized and technical knowledge but also need to be comfortable with continued learning when those skills rapidly become out of date and new opportunities and challenges arise in our communities. This is not what our schools and school systems were designed for. In fact, many adults in our education systems have most often been rewarded for compliance – both their own and their students’. The Lab at CEI is an investment in innovators over innovations, focused on building the empathy, vulnerability, skills, and community for educators across levels of the system to innovate and adapt their roles in response to student and community needs, while simultaneously helping CEI anticipate emerging opportunities and barriers to innovation in the field.

The 2019 Innovation Fellows Program application is now open! To learn more about the second year of the program focused on youth activation and to learn about the 2018 Innovation Fellows, click here.

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