STEM Roadmap Progress: Goal 3

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The following strategies and associated actions address these challenges.





3.1: Focus on dramatically reducing the number of students needing to take remedial math courses

3.1.a: Provide P-12 educators targeted professional development aligned to new math content standards
3.1.b: Use data to target students needing remediation early and offer wraparound supports
3.1.c: Expand access to bridge programs to offer students needing remediation rapid and flexible remediation courses the summer in advance of postsecondary entrance

3.2: Increase the number and diversity of students entering postsecondary STEM pathways

3.2.a: Build data portfolios to map academic performance to labor and economic demand to set local priorities to address skill gapsInitiating efforts, led by CEI, to align academic performance with workforce demand and to identify skills gaps.
3.2.b: Expand career pathways for low- to moderate-income youth to develop skills in middle skill STEM growth sectors Issuing a STEM Career Pathways request for proposal to access available grant funding. 
3.2.c: Expand internship and mentorship opportunities for underrepresented populations with a focus on female, Hispanic, and socioeconomically disadvantaged youth
3.2.d: Provide scholarships and wraparound supports to incentivize low-income, underrepresented students to enter the highest growth STEM occupations in Colorado
3.2.e: Seek ways of incentivizing IHEs to improve their performance in meeting industry demand

3.3: Align workforce training resources with in-demand STEM skills

3.3.a: Develop a strategy to engage long-term unemployed workers in STEM within the Governor’s long-term unemployed initiativeSupporting the retraining of long-term unemployed STEM workers through CDEs Adult Basic Education grant program.
3.3.b: Develop a strategy to reengage disengaged and at-risk youth in STEM skill development programs
3.3.c: Launch an employer led pledge to employ target populations

3.4: Excite and support females to enter STEM fields

3.4.a: Expand mentorship opportunities to girls in STEM P-12
3.4.b: Develop STEM learning environments that engage females and STEM in inquiry
3.4.c: Work with postsecondary institutions to focus on increasing female participation in STEM Working with CoCo STEM and other partners to host the STEM Equity Summit in Colorado Springs (April 2015).

See Goal 1See Goal 2See Goal 3

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