STEM Roadmap Progress: Goal 2

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The following strategies and associated actions address these challenges.





2.1: Make STEM in the early grades a Colorado priority

2.1.a: Increase the time spent on science in the early gradesInitiating efforts to increase time spent on science in elementary schools (a 2015 priority of the Early Childhood Education Working Group).
2.1.b: Embed a focus on early numeracy in state, district, and local literacy efforts
2.1.c: Support the expansion of effective STEM efforts in elementary schools across Colorado with a particular focus on traditionally underserved populations

2.2: Align STEM efforts to the development of competencies important in an innovation economy

2.2.a: Develop measures to assess development of professional, entrepreneurial, personal, and civic competencies
2.2.b: Dramatically expand access to rigorous, relevant college preparatory coursesPursuing efforts to increase student enrollment and success in Advanced Placement classes through the Colorado Legacy Schools Initiative (a 2015 priority).
2.2.c: Expand students access to excellent STEM experiences With support from CTEq, identifying and expanding quality STEM resources through the grant funding pool.
2.2.d: Develop graduation guideline requirements that support the development of STEM literacy and competencies for an innovation economy

2.3: Support STEM ready educators and learning environments

2.3.a: Identify the essential competencies Colorado educators need to prepare P-12 students for an innovation economy
2.3.b: Invest resources to ensure all students have access to necessary STEM materials
2.3.c: Expand public-private partnerships in ways that increase student exposure to real-world problems and learning environmentsConnecting with STEM-related sector partnerships whose focus is on experiential learning.

2.4: Make access to STEM resources in rural Colorado a priority

2.4.1: Map rural community assets and needs in developing STEM competencies Initiating efforts to map available STEM resources in Colorado’s rural areas (a 2015 priority).
2.4.2: Expand STEM grants and resources to rural communitiesWith support from CTEq, identifying and expanding quality STEM resources through the grant funding pool.Connecting with rural-based CHAMP grantees, Lamar Community College, and Aims Community College to enhance STEM relationships.
2.4.3: Provide targeted STEM professional development and STEM externships to teachers in rural communities

See Goal 1See Goal 2See Goal 3

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