Measures of Student Learning

Colorado Senate Bill 10-191 (S.B. 10-191) established new evaluation requirements for teachers and principals, with the twin goals of supporting educators’ professional development and positively affecting student growth. SB 10-191 requires that at least 50 percent of an educator’s annual evaluation be based on multiple measures of student learning (MSL) in relation to the Colorado Academic Standards.

This work is challenging and new to many districts. To help districts in this effort, CEI collected information on MSL systems from 53 Colorado districts – representing a diversity of sizes and settings and including almost 60 percent of Colorado’s teachers and students – for inclusion in a statewide study of trends.

Anonymous district information was reviewed by a panel of experts from CEI and the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) to understand the state’s MSL landscape and give districts individualized questions to consider for ongoing implementation.

These resources reflect the lessons learned from that study and provide all Colorado districts with tools and resources to understand MSL systems across the state and reflect on their own system for continuous improvement.

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