Using School-Level Student Survey Results to Create Context and Perspective for Teachers

Districts across the state are using Colorado’s Student Perception Survey to gather input from students about their educational experience. Student surveys are a new way of gathering feedback for teachers, and results can be emotionally charged. Some districts have school wide discussions about aggregate school and district results to build context and comfort for teachers before they look at their individual results.

Centennial School District

Centennial School District released school- and district-level results in advance of teacher-level results to allow everyone to have a shared experience and expose teachers to the types of information they would be receiving in a nonthreatening environment. Teachers received school and district results in an email with information about when they would meet as a group and when they would get their individual results. Teachers had a week to process school- and district-level results on their own and then met on an in-service day to discuss survey outcomes as a district staff.

The entire staff looked at the district data and engaged in activities intended to facilitate thinking about how to process results. For school- and district-level results, they looked at the three strongest and three weakest survey items, and also identified the professional practices related to these items.

After analyzing school- and district-level results, teachers received their results, which allowed them to work with the data and understand the reports before engaging with their own results.

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