Data to Inform System Change

Data to Inform System Change

Within this emerging learning network, district leaders and educators will use data to proactively inform decision-making and push systems to be more responsive to educators’ and students’ needs. Districts will use data to target resources to areas of need; measure progress toward instructional shifts; design supports to improve educators’ practice; and grow and develop a vibrant district-wide community of practice to effectively implement Measures of Student Learning (MSL), Colorado’s Student Perception Survey (SPS), Teacher Perception Survey (TPS), and general data practices to inform professional development and district-wide decision-making.

Student Perception Survey                                       Teacher Perception Survey

CEI is working to create a culture where using data to improve public education, increase student outcomes and provide a professional and rewarding environment for educators. The Colorado Education Initiative and our integration districts are leading the way in using data to inform decision making and evaluation, investigate problems and identify root causes, and to identify promising practices.

Our integration districts are deepening their use of data by:

  • Implementing instructional tools such as LDC and MDC that frame how curriculum is developed and act as formative assessments
  • Piloting a model evaluation system that provides teachers, principals, district leaders with substantial data through the use of sophisticated rubrics about the performance of teachers and principals and frequent data through evaluation activities throughout the year
  • Developing and piloting Student and Teacher Perception Surveys for districts to incorporate into teacher and principal evaluation and performance
  • Developing data dashboards that illuminate patterns and trends from multiple sources of data
  • Providing data coaches to provide training and assistance on how to use data to improve instructional practice and student achievement

The Colorado Department of Education also supports districts’ and educators’ use of data.

Measures of Student Learning

Colorado Senate Bill 10-191 (S.B. 10-191) established new evaluation requirements for teachers and principals, with the twin goals of supporting educators’ professional development and positively affecting student growth. SB 10-191 requires that at least 50 percent of an educator’s annual evaluation be based on multiple measures of student learning (MSL) in relation to the Colorado Academic Standards.

Measures of Student Learning (MSL)

Data Use Toolkit

Districts across Colorado are creating cultures that use data in new and better ways to improve student achievement. These districts are providing tools and supports to students, parents, and educators to interpret, analyze, and use data to identify gaps, solve problems, differentiate instruction, and target areas of improvement.

CEI has gathered innovative practices from across the state and compiled them into a Data Use Toolkit, which profiles educators who are changing the way all stakeholders see data and leverage data for improvement.

Improving Success for All Students: A Toolkit for Using Data Effectively 

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