Common Assignment Study

The Common Assignment Study is an effort by teachers in two states — Colorado and Kentucky — collaborating to develop and teach high-quality instructional units aligned to each state’s academic standards for students.

The units address science, social studies, and English language arts for middle and high school students. They include classroom activities, assessments, and rubrics for scoring student work.

As states adopt new, more rigorous academic standards and assessments, the Common Assignment Study showcases teachers’ pivotal role in translating these larger initiatives into rigorous and relevant classroom experiences for their students.

Over a two-year period, the teachers used the Understanding by Design framework to develop each unit, integrating a Literacy Design Collaborative module to help scaffold and support the development of students’ content literacy.

Get the units here.

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Project Partners


Center for Assessment

Literacy Design Collaborative

Research for Action

The Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity

The Fund for Transforming Education



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