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Every child in every community deserves excellent classroom teachers and building leaders.  The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) Professional Learning work seeks to ensure that educational structures are in place that improve student outcomes and provide a professional and rewarding environment for educators.

Described below are the three learning networks offered through a new phase of work at CEI. CEI will work with participating districts/BOCES in whichever network(s) they identify as most relevant to accelerating their work in implementing the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS), and in designing and developing new, innovative systems.

Find out what some Colorado educators say about the standards and assessments — and teacher evaluation.

Instructional Shifts

District leaders and educators will have access to a steady, high-quality stream of resources and technical assistance for implementing CAS. Resources will support decision-making to align instruction and lessons to CAS (e.g., Literacy Design Collaborative and Math Design Collaborative, among others); assist educators in designing rigorous learning environments; and help shift educators’ practice to ask challenging and engaging tasks of students. READ MORE >

Data to Inform System Change

District leaders and educators will use data to proactively inform decision-making and push systems to be more responsive to educators’ and students’ needs. Districts will use data to: target resources to areas of need; measure progress toward instructional shifts; design supports to improve educators’ practice; and grow and develop a vibrant district-wide community of practice to effectively implement Measures of Student Learning (MSL), Colorado’s Student Perception Survey (SPS), Teacher Perception Survey (TPS), and general data practices to inform professional development and district-wide decision-making. READ MORE >

Redesigning Professional Development

Participants will develop early awareness and engage in new approaches to iPD—individualized professional development that meets teachers’ learning needs. Both CEI and participating districts/BOCES will learn from first iterations and planning processes to inform potential future next steps. READ MORE >

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Professional Learning

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