Our Work

Over the next few years, CEI will center our work around four main areas of focus, which we believe are the strategies that will create learning environments where student agency and equity are a priority as both a design strategy and an outcome.

Rethinking Accountability and School Quality Measures

  Partnering with schools and districts to explore accountability measures, processes, and tools that focus on continuous improvement.

Secondary Policy and High School Redesign

  Reimagining high schools to respond to the current and future needs of students and communities.  

Youth Connections

Strengthening the capacity of schools to respond to and promote social, emotional and mental well-being for middle and high school students.

Disrupted Learning

Thanks to many parents, students and educators there is still much learning happening in homes and virtual spaces right now – it’s just disrupted.

Strategic Reopening Collaborative

The Strategic Reopening Collaborative outlines four goals for re-entry: Address Inequities, Connect, Reassure & Inspire, and Assess & Prepare. Strategies are included to consider three primary stakeholders while working towards goals: Educators, Students, and Families & Communities.

Rural Superintendent Academy

Advancing the superintendent role in rural districts to include skilled technical systems expertise, leadership in economic and talent development, and an engaging, inclusive mindset. Convening dates for Cohort Three: July 20-21, Denver October 5-6, TBA January 18-19, Denver April 18-19, Cañon City