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Colorado Trends in Measures of Student Learning

Districts and educators worked hard last year to implement Measures of Student Learning (MSL) to measure growth in educator evaluations. Developing an MSL is a complicated process, and many districts are embarking on this work for the first time. A commitment to continuous improvement is imperative to moving the work forward.

With this in mind, The Colorado Education Initiative invited school districts to share information about their MSL systems for a statewide study of trends. Fifty-two districts, ranging from small rural to large urban, participated in the study.

Click here to read the full report, guiding questions for MSL development, and samples of MSL systems across the state.

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Year Three Healthy School Districts Grantees

Congratulations to this year’s Healthy School Districts grantees:

2015 Healthy School Champions Score Card Available!

The Healthy School Champions Score Card is a voluntary assessment tool and recognition program that celebrates champions for healthy schools. The Score Card assesses schools based on best practices in the eight components of Coordinated School Health.

The deadline to complete the Score Card is January 16, 2015. A school staff member, partner, or parent can initiate the process for completing the Score Card.

Approximately 30 Colorado schools demonstrating successful planning, coordination, and implementation in their Coordinated School Health efforts will receive recognition and monetary awards. In 2015, a total of $42,500 will be distributed to Champions in award amounts ranging from $300 to $5,000. Schools selected will receive their award at CEI’s Summit on April 24, 2015.

For more information and to start the Score Card, click here. For any additional questions, contact Katy Fleming, Score Card manager, at

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Celebrating Colorado Educators
Stories of Impact: Grant Beacon Middle School – A Success Story in K-12 School Innovation
Tools in Innovation
Next Generation Networking
Upcoming Events

Celebrating Colorado Educators

The Colorado Education Initiative is highlighting Pennington Elementary as a model for using time and talent creatively to support students and families. Check out this video to learn more about the school’s approach to providing more — and improved — learning time for students and families.

Stories of Impact: Grant Beacon Middle School — A Success Story in K-12 School Innovation

Grant Beacon Middle School serves low-income students in Denver and is one of several schools successfully improving student achievement through expanded learning opportunities. Find out how in this article.

Watch this video to see how Grant Beacon is leveraging expanded time, technology, blended learning, and community partners to personalize learning for students and better support educators.

Tools in Innovation

So You Think You Want to Innovate? Emerging Lessons and a New Tool for State and District Leaders Working to Build a Culture of Innovation

The Colorado Education Initiative is sharing a new tool just released by two partners: 2Revolutions and The Learning Accelerator.

So You Think You Want to Innovate? Emerging Lessons and a New Tool for State and District Leaders Working to Build a Culture of Innovation defines what 2Revolutions and The Learning Accelerator believe are the necessary components of an innovation culture. These learnings have been synthesized into a new framework and self-assessment tool that can help leaders determine how they are doing, where they are in the process, and what steps might be prioritized to build a culture of innovation. To explore the tool, click here.

Competency Education

CompetencyWorks recently released three introductory resources and an international study on competency education. These three resources respond to increasing school, district, and state policies to better support outcomes. To learn more, click here.

Next Generation Networking

Maker Movementmaker

Last month, The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) hosted a film screening of “Maker” and a storytelling, networking, and brainstorming session with educators, students, and parents. CEI challenged participants to think about how to infuse ideas from the Maker Movement into K-12 public education. CEI thanks those who attended the event and our partners from the NoCo Mini-Maker Faire and the City of Loveland. To view pictures of the event, click here!

If you are interested in co-hosting a screening in your school or community in partnership with CEI, email

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative but disciplined approach to understanding a problem from the perspective of the end user. Educators generate new ideas to solve problems, prototype, test, and iterate for maximum student benefit. Design thinking helps foster a mindset of possibility and innovation in public education.

If you are interested in attending a design thinking introductory event, consider joining CEI at one of the following DesignEDU 1.0 events this fall.

  • November 8, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at Colorado Academy
  • December 6, 4:15 p.m., at CASB Annual Convention
  • December 19, 2 – 4:00 p.m., downtown Denver

Email for more information or if you’re interested in attending one of the events.

Upcoming Events

Free Live Webinar Series: Leveraging Partners to Personalize Learning

In Colorado, schools and communities are increasingly in need of partners that can help develop and facilitate next generation learning environments. Join The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) for a six-part webinar series to explore how Colorado schools are rethinking time, talent, and resources. Hear from local and national experts and share strategies to make extended learning time successful. This series will share the promising practices and lessons learned by TIME Collaborative schools in Colorado as well as examples of how to effectively use community partners to expand learning time for students. The Colorado TIME Collaborative is a partnership between CEI and the National Center on Time and Learning that’s funded by the Ford Foundation.

Click here for more information!

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STEM Advisory Committee

The STEM Advisory Committee comprises public sector leaders in Colorado who advise The Colorado Education Initiative and the STEM Steering Committee in the development and implementation of the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap. The committee will convene on a quarterly basis beginning in January 2015. Visit the STEM calendar to see the committee’s upcoming meeting dates.

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Colorado Legacy Schools Training

In September, 300 Advanced Placement (AP) math, science, and English teachers from across the state gathered for two days of professional development for the Colorado Legacy Schools grant. Teachers received content and instructional strategies to assist them in supporting a more diverse group of students in AP math, science, and English courses.

To view pictures from the Legacy Schools training, click here.

Online AP Courses

Colorado Legacy Schools partnered with Fruita Monument High School, Telluride High School, and Jeffco Online to offer eight online AP courses, increasing opportunities for rural schools to access rigorous coursework.

This month, one online course had a special visitor. State Sen. Michael Johnston dropped by David Lavender’s AP Literature course virtually to chat with students from Brush, Silverton, and Telluride.

To watch a video of the classroom visit, click here.

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Investing in STEM

The Colorado Education Initiative’s (CEI) STEM Initiative works to ensure equity of postsecondary and career opportunities. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) sector jobs are growing rapidly, pay more, and have a lower unemployment rate than jobs in any other sector. Yet Colorado is falling short of the talent needed to fill the expected 28 percent growth in STEM jobs by 2018.

Your investment will help CEI spearhead a statewide plan to advance STEM education in Colorado. Together with educators, communities, policymakers, and STEM employers, CEI will ensure a diverse and sustainable STEM pipeline for Colorado’s thriving STEM sector.

Opportunities for investment:

  • A $100 donation covers the cost for two students to take AP exams in STEM subjects who otherwise could not afford exam fees.
  • A $200 donation supports a monthly STEM forum to support partnerships across all areas of Colorado.
  • A $500 donation brings together STEM stakeholders for a working group meeting to implement improvement in STEM education across Colorado.
  • A $5,000 donation makes you a STEM Friend and a key supporter of CEI’s STEM Initiative.

Other opportunities to get involved:

  • Increase access to STEM education by becoming a STEM mentor.
  • Share your STEM experience as we collect all of Colorado’s STEM resources.

 To learn more about CEI’s STEM work, contact Angela Baber, Director, Initiatives, STEM, at or 720-502-4714.

 To make your investment today, contact Kelly Hall, Development Director, at or 720-502-4721.

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