Thinking About the Change


At this stage in the change process, there is expressed intention to take action in the near future in support of the change. While no action will be taken yet, there is an increase in awareness of the change from the previous stage. In addition, there is now an awareness of the benefits to this change, as well as an acute awareness of the costs (both real and perceived) associated with the change. This increased awareness may cause stagnation of the process or movement back to the previous stage. While there is no action taken at this stage, it is important to be able to move beyond the analysis of the pros and cons, and begin to explore a willingness to try small steps in support of the change.

What you might SEE at this stage

  • Limited engagement
  • Fragmented attempts related to parts/aspects of the change

What you might HEAR at this stage

  • Questions being asked – seeking to understand and gather information about the change
  • Talking about the change that is coming/underway
  • Uncertainty about what the change really means for the future
  • Change is a possibility, yet not certain
  • Uncertainty about what comes next

What you might ASK to maximize the conversation at this stage

Seek to understand and ask questions

  • What will be constant or the same post-change?
  • What are some of the biggest concerns/fears about the change
  • Fact-check to ensure accuracy of information being disseminated

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