At this stage in the change process, there is expressed intention to take action in the near future and initial steps in support of the change have been made. Typically, within this stage there have been some initial attempts toward the change, along with additional preparation(s) in support of the change. This stage represents a hinge-point in the overall change process—where momentum may be created to propel forward, and equally, the potential exists to fall back into the previous stage(s) if action is not engaged in a timely manner. Concurrent with any planning activities, multiple attempts of action related to the change should be initiated during this stage.

What you might SEE at this stage

  • Initial attempts to implement components of the change
  • Creation of initial plans for change
  • Efforts made to organize in support of the change, e.g., planning meetings, committees, etc.
  • Champion(s) for the change begin to emerge

What you might HEAR at this stage

  • Open dialogue/discussions about the change—who, what, when, where, why, how, pros and cons
  • More consistency and cohesiveness in how the change is talked about
  • Champion(s) for the change more visible and vocal
  • Common terms and language emerge
  • Vision for the future post-change begins to come into focus

What you might ASK to maximize the conversation at this stage

Seek to understand and ask questions

  • What have you already tried in support of making this change?
  • What is your plan to implement the change?
  • How are you talking about this change to different stakeholders?
  • Who is emerging as a champion for this change?
  • What other change(s) are being planned or underway—related or non-related to this change?