At this stage in the change process, there are observable steps/actions in support of the change. In order to be considered at this stage, all actions and activities related to the change should be engaged. Create small “wins” wherever possible, and learn from any attempts that may not turn out as expected. Additional momentum may be created to keep the actions/activities going in order to proceed to the next stage. At the same time, it is possible to go back a stage or two, depending how the activities in support of the change are managed and experienced by those who are directly involved.

What you might SEE at this stage

  • Meetings with stakeholders
  • Re-organizing and dedicated work in support of the change
  • Structured and intentional engagement with all aspects of the change

What you might HEAR at this stage

  • Champion(s) for the change take leadership roles
  • Next steps to implement change articulated and public
  • Commitment to plan(s) for change
  • Prioritization of actions/steps that will support the change

What you might ASK to maximize the conversation at this stage

Seek to understand and ask questions

  • How is implementation of your plan going?
  • What additional stakeholders can you involve in the implementation of your plan?
  • What successes are you experiencing in making the change?
  • What challenges are coming up as you are making this change
  • What system/organizational differences are you noticing in response to making this change?