Math Design Collaborative

What is the Math Design Collaborative?

The Math Design Collaborative (MDC) provides teachers with formative assessment lessons and professional development so they can use evidence of learning to adapt teaching, minute to minute and day to day.

Central to MDC are sets of Formative Assessment Lessons (FALs). Each lesson is research-based, aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and fit within CCSS-aligned courses of study. The FALs represent a major innovation in teaching and learning math. Their hybrid model of assessment and instruction is designed for medium-cycle formative assessment – the type that teachers can use every two weeks.

 Why MDC?

  • MDC provides teachers with tools and individual coaching to enable teachers to respond to the instructional shifts necessary with the CCSS.
  • Students draw upon their real world experience to make sense of mathematics and solve problems.
  • Students use dialogue and conversation to explore mathematical thinking.
  • Students use place value and mathematical properties and relationships to compute with flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Students use concrete materials, drawings, graphs, and symbols to understand and represent mathematical ideas.
  • Students build confidence and experience in choosing tools and strategies to make sense of and solve problems.

To see a nice illustration of a MDC lesson, view the video below from Thompson School District – presented by Tiffany Utoft.

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