Kunskapsskolan Education

Kunskapsskolan Education

“Where students, through personalized learning and clear goals, will stretch their boundaries and learn more than thought possible.”

Kunskapsskolan’s goal is to establish, operate and develop schools where every student is recognized as a unique individual with the ability, ambition and support to learn and grow beyond what she or he thought was possible. Their structured model for personalized learning — the KED (Kunskapsskolan Education) program—utilizes technology to create an individualized and personalized learning environment.  The KED program is operated in Kunskapsskolan’s 34 schools in Sweden, in the Learning Schools Trust’s 3 schools in the United Kingdom and in the Innovate Manhattan School in New York City, USA.  Learn more at: http://www.kunskapsskolan.com/ .

Students, with guidance from their coach, set and work towards their own personal goals, based on previous educational experiences as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses. Resources in the form of time, facilities, curriculum, and learning materials are organized to support meeting these goals.

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