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Professional Learning

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Did you have a favorite teacher when you were in school?

Every child in every community deserves excellent teachers and school leaders. CEI provides timely opportunities for educators to help improve instruction and learning in the classroom – especially critical in today’s dynamic education environment. Your support of this work in professional learning leads to better outcomes for all students.

What does my money support?



Provides one day of professional learning for one teacher to increase student success.



Buys a video camera for a first year teacher’s classroom so she receives real-time feedback about classroom practice.



Provides scholarships for a team of educators to attend the CEI event of their choice.

Hear from teachers themselves!

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Often as educators we come to our school just seeing it as our own, as adults, but really there are far more students than teachers and they’re the ones who set the standards for behavior and have the best insights into what the culture of the school is and what things need to be changed and how they feel about it.
Joshua Munson, Teacher, Dolores Secondary, Dolores, Colo.

Health and Wellness

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Is good teaching or an engaging curriculum enough if students don’t feel healthy and safe?

Your contribution helps ensure students are physically and emotionally well so they are better learners. “CEI’s Health and Wellness Initiative takes a whole child approach that includes the social, emotional, nutritional, physical and mental health of students. Children are now equipped with everything they need for extraordinary learning to occur.” Manitou Springs Superintendent.


What does my money support?

best practices in health and wellnes


Provides a best practices resource to teachers to meet the health and wellness needs of their students.

summit and luncheon


Provides a scholarship to an educator to attend CEI’s 2015 Summit and Luncheon.



Supports webinar training for a school wellness team on the impact of health and wellness for a quality education.

Hear from teachers themselves!

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“The staff and the students have really gotten closer together. Our students respect our staff more and our staff respects our students more. It is a really good way to bring everyone closer together.”
Makaya, Senior, Buffalo High School, Merino, Colo.

Next Generation Learning


When the bell rings at 3:15 p.m., do students’ brain cells switch off?

Not even close. Next generation learning is about innovative teaching and learning designed to ignite the unique potential of every student. Help schools offer even more personalized and engaging learning experiences to students across Colorado.

What does my money support?



Gives a teacher a year of access to an information and social networking platform that links school and district leaders.



Provides a scholarship for a teacher to participate in a workshop on how to support student development of academic, professional, and entrepreneurial competencies.



Sponsors a team of teachers to attend a design-thinking training. 

Hear from teachers themselves!

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“With this model, if a student is motivated, there’s no reason they can’t be successful.”
Dan Walsh, Teacher, Grant Beacon Middle School, Denver, Colo.

Colorado Legacy Schools


Did your high school classes prepare you for success after graduation?

Students who take Advanced Placement (AP) classes are more likely to go to and graduate from college. Our Colorado Legacy Schools Initiative works to dramatically increase the number and diversity of students enrolling in AP math, science, and English courses.

What does my money support?

Arvada Speed 2


Provides one student access to a Saturday AP Study Session in math, science, and English.



Covers AP exam fees for two students who otherwise could not afford to take the test.



Sponsors a teacher to attend four days of intense professional development at the AP for All Summer Institute.

Hear from teachers themselves!

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 To learn more about CEI’s Colorado Legacy Schools work, click here.

“Their program and what they do has really changed my mind about the potential of students to be successful in an AP environment. The piece of data that changed my view was last year when we increased the number of AP tests taken in this building by 212 percent, pass rates stayed the same. In my nine years here, that is the single most powerful piece of data I have ever seen.”
Grant Euler, AP Teacher, Arvada High School, Arvada, Colo.



Do you know a student who always wants to know how things work?

Employers must recruit talent outside of Colorado to meet the in-state demand for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) occupations. Consider this — the surgeon who starts practicing when the last baby boomers turn 65 is in sixth grade right now. Help make STEM education a priority in the early grades, and connect older students to STEM internships and mentoring.

What does my money support?

ap students with checks


Covers the cost for two students to take AP exams in STEM subjects who otherwise could not afford the exam fees. 

stem partnerships


Supports a monthly STEM forum to develop STEM educational partnerships across Colorado.

stem workgroup


Supports a mentoring event for STEM industry professionals to connect with Colorado students.

Hear from funders themselves!

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“STEM education is one of our economic drivers. It is the pathway to innovative, creative thinking; problem solving; and, those skill sets that are really necessary for an individual to be successful in the world – not just our young population but also our adult population.”
Jennifer Jirous, STEM, Arts, IT Program Director, Colorado Community College System

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