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… the rubric in the Colorado State Model Evaluation System with the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education (PE) Standards for both principals and teachers. Participants left the session with a clear understanding of how to promote healthy, safe, engaging classrooms and schools. For more information about CEI’s Comprehensive Health and PE Standards, visit our website.

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Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source

  • To reduce the burden on schools to collect and report health and wellness data by decreasing duplicative data collection efforts.
  • To build a consistent and accessible data system to better measure, track and understand the health of Colorado schools.
  • To promote health and wellness within schools throughout Colorado by increasing the number of districts and schools using data to inform decisions related to health and wellness. In addition, to recognize exemplar schools and districts to replicate best practices.

The development and roll-out of this data system will occur through 2017.

2013: Planning and Constructing

  • Engage multiple stakeholders to identify data collection needs.
  • Conduct scan of current data collection efforts and tools.
  • Compile potential indicators and identify key outcomes that Smart Source will measure.

2014-2015: Testing and Utilization

  • Develop indicators for use in pilot-testing the system with schools.
  • Test data collection system.
  • Modify the system based on pilot participant feedback.
  • Analyze initial results.

2016-17: Implementation and Expansion

  • Launch Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source statewide.
  • Enable all districts to collect school health policy and practice data.
  • Leverage results to promote and sustain healthy school programming.

Smart Source is supported by generous funding from Kaiser Permanente. The system will be built through a partnership among the Colorado Department of Education, The Colorado Education Initiative, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Colorado Coalition for Healthy Schools.

For more information about Smart Source or how to participate in the fall 2014 pilot, please contact Andrea Pulskamp, associate, Initiatives, 303-736-6477.

Healthy Tips for Back to School

Students return to school this month in many districts across Colorado. Get the school year off to a strong start by boosting health and wellness in schools using best practices. Help your students learn by creating an environment conducive to offering physical activity breaks (don’t forget to take one yourself!), healthy snacks, and other best practices that will lead to engaged, focused, and successful students. Visit our best practices guide for more information and don’t forget to view our Health and Wellness video for additional information!

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Colorado STEM Education Roadmap Release

… a public-private partnership to develop local talent to meet the Colorado industry demands and drive innovation.

The STEM Education Roadmap will be released during the COIN Summit’s Talent Day on August 27, 2014. Following this event, The Colorado Education Initiative will host a roadmap release reception and expert panel discussion sponsored by United Launch Alliance. Look for more details in the coming weeks on the STEM Web page.

 Effective Employer Engagement (E3) Work Group Update

The Effective Employer Engagement (E3) Work Group provides a forum for educators, students and companies to discuss what’s important in improving STEM education. Interested in learning more? Attend a meeting! Visit the STEM Calendar on The Colorado Education Initiative’s website to get more information or contact Micaela Michie.

Share Your STEM Programs

Do you have a STEM event, program, or opportunity you would like shared on The Colorado Education Initiative’s STEM page? Click here to share your STEM happenings.

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Colorado Legacy Schools 2013-2014 School Year Exam Results

  • The three schools in Cohort 0, completing their third and final year in the grant, achieved a 41 percent increase in qualifying scores over the previous year.
  • The 11 schools in Cohort 1, completing their second year in the grant, achieved a 26 percent increase in qualifying scores over the previous year.
  • The 10 schools in Cohort 2, completing their first year in the grant, achieved a 73 percent increase in qualifying scores over the previous year.

More Than 450 Educators Convene at AP for All Summer Institute in Denver

Thank you to the more than 450 educators who attended the AP for All Summer Institute hosted by The Colorado Education Initiative. In partnership with the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), this event brought together Advanced Placement (AP) instructors from 24 states and four countries—the United States, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Qatar. The AP for All Summer Institute featured:

  • Twenty-two presenters from 10 states who worked with teachers to develop deeper content knowledge in their AP subjects and strategies for effectively reaching diverse student populations
  • Presentations about how this important work is changing the culture of schools and placing greater emphasis on college- readiness
  • Time to share tactics to ensure that every student has the opportunity to receive the support he or she needs to succeed in AP coursework

This professional development opportunity is part of Colorado Legacy Schools – a local replication of NMSI’s proven College Readiness Program, which has an unparalleled record of closing achievement gaps and increasing college readiness in participating schools.

Colorado Legacy Schools supports increased equity, access, and success in rigorous math, science, and English AP courses for students in both geographically and demographically diverse schools. The initiative provides funding for extensive teacher training, student exam fees, classroom equipment and supplies, awards for those who excel, and extra time on task for students during Saturday Study Sessions.

“After teaching AP biology for 14 years, I feel like I struggle to find professional development opportunities that give me something new,” said Tim Caudill, educator, Battle Mountain High School in Eagle County (Colo.) School District. “I am so excited to be at an AP Summer Institute and learning new strategies that show me how to reach all of my students.”

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STEM Champions invest time, talent, and financial resources to:

  • Provide counsel and contribute to implementing the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap, a plan to advance STEM education statewide
  • Amplify the impact of effective STEM programs in Colorado
  • Mentor students pursuing STEM careers and collaborate with educators

Companies and foundations that invest $30,000 or more over three years are invited to serve as STEM Champions. These advocates help guide Colorado’s work in STEM and they have a dedicated seat on the Colorado STEM Advisory Committee, which includes state leaders such as Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia; Commissioner of Education Robert Hammond; and executive directors of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, and the CWDC. STEM Champions also receive statewide exposure through recognition on CEI’s website, STEM materials, and social media.

Numerous Colorado companies, foundations, and individuals support CEI’s STEM initiative. Support ranges from $30,000 as a STEM Champion to $5,000 as a STEM Friend. We will work with you to find the fit that best meets your needs.

To learn more about becoming a STEM Champion, contact Kelly Hall, director, Development, at 720-502-4721. To learn more about CEI’s STEM Initiative, contact Angela Baber, director, STEM Initiative, at 720-502-4714, or visit CEI’s website.

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