The Accelerator Project – Request for Interest (RFI) and FAQs

The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) invites Colorado school districts and Colorado Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) to complete the following RFI by 4:00 p.m. February 2, 2015 to indicate their interest and readiness in participating in up to three new statewide learning networks. Applicants can express interest in joining one, two, or all three networks.

 Please click on the link below to access the version of the RFI that is most applicable, i.e., for a school district or BOCES.

pdf_16x16  Accelerator Project – BOCES RFI                pdf_16x16  Accelerator Project – School District RFI


Can I send in a hard-copy of my responses to the RFI?

No. CEI will only be accepting interest from districts and BOCES that complete the RFI online at


Can a district that belongs to a BOCES that is responding to this RFI also respond to this RFI, separately?

Yes, districts may engage in this project independently from their BOCES, even if their BOCES is applying.


Can a school apply separately from their district?

No, schools must engage with this project through their district.


Can several BOCES submit as one application?

Yes.  In fact, this might be beneficial to smaller BOCES. Please identify a lead BOCES and provide this information within the additional information in the “General” section at the close of the RFI.


What is the amount of funding available for each learning network?

At this time, there are no direct sub-grants associated with participation in this project. That said, the overall amount of direct and in-kind support for this project is roughly $2.5 million for the 2015 calendar year. This may include:  stipends and release time for participants; convening travel cost coverage; network and learning events; change management tools and supports for district leaders; in-kind technical assistance; and consulting costs covered by CEI.


What is the duration of the learning networks?

CEI has secured funding to support an implementation timeline of spring 2015 through December 31, 2015, with some networks continuing into spring 2016.


Does a district/BOCES have to engage with all of the learning networks?

No, districts and or BOCES can indicate interest in one, two, or all three learning networks that best align with their strategic plans.


How do I login to access the RFI response website?

Use the link: When prompted for your login, please use the email address to which the initial email invitation for this RFI was sent. This should be the superintendent’s email address or the BOCES Executive Director’s email address. Note that there is only a single login address for each district and each BOCES.


Please address any additional questions related to the RFI to:

Mike Gradoz
Director – Initiatives, Professional Learning

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