AP Autumn Workshop


The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) is offering an exclusive workshop to get AP educators up-to-speed on the updates, including AP Classroom, a new online platform with powerful tools to enable students to receive meaningful feedback on their progress, and significant course updates for Environmental Science and English Language and Composition.

Teachers having discussion

What to Expect

This workshop combines CEI’s expertise as the leader of the annual Advanced Placement for All Summer Institute with fresh, exclusive College Board content – not available until this fall – for AP instructors who want to familiarize themselves with AP Classroom and collaborate with other instructors to build out classroom-ready resources. Environmental Science and English Language and Composition instructors will also learn about changes that are rolling out with the significant 2019-2020 course updates.


Guided by facilitators with deep experience in AP Classroom, you’ll learn about the tool along with tips and tricks for how to implement this in your own classroom.


Educators will have the opportunity to either 1) engage in planning for the use of AP Classroom or 2) work with course-specific consultants to understand significant updates to Environmental Science and English Language and Composition.




September 27, 2019
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Lowry Conference Center
1061 Akron Way, Building 697
Denver, CO 80230

Full-day, interactive training: $300

Contact: Steph Olivas, 720-502-4726


About AP Classroom

In August 2019, the AP Classroom online platform will be available for nearly all AP courses except Studio Art and Research. The platform will include:

AP Question Bank: An online library of real AP Exam questions. Find questions indexed by course topics & skills, create customized tests, and assign them online or on paper. These tests will enable students to practice and get feedback on each question.

Personal Progress Checks: Formative AP questions for every course unit, providing feedback and guiding focus areas. Personal progress checks measure knowledge/skills through multiple-choice questions with answer explanations and free-response questions with scoring info.

Progress Dashboard: A dashboard displaying individual student and class progress. You’ll be able to view class trends and see where students struggle with content and skills. Students will be able to view their own progress over time to improve their performance before the AP Exam.


Redesigned AP Courses

Environmental Science: The number of multiple-choice questions will be reduced, students will be asked to analyze texts and evaluate sources of information, and questions will now place equal emphasis on the analysis of quantitative data and qualitative data. Free-response questions and options will be reduced, and time will be reduced by 20 minutes.

English Language & Composition: The number of multiple-choice questions will be reduced and will be presented in five sets with passages, focusing on rhetorical analysis and composition questions with a new type of question asking students to “read like a writer” and consider revision techniques. The free-response questions will use new rubrics instead of holistic rubrics.