2016 CEI Showcase: Breakout Session Formats

Curious about the types of breakout sessions?

Core Conversations
Core Conversations
Join an inspiring and thought-provoking facilitated conversation with colleagues.
SpaceLab Films & Talks
Films and Talks That Spark Curiosity
View a relevant moving film or film clip in the conference center’s movie theater. Be part of a stimulating conversation.
SpaceLab Knowledge Building
Knowledge-Building Presentations
Get information about a meaningful topic.
SpaceLab Panel Presentations
Panel Presentations and Discussions
Hear from panelists about a meaningful topic.
Space Lab Skill Building Workshops
Skill-Building Workshops
Get training on a particular skill or set of skills. Learn techniques you can apply immediately to your work.
SpaceLab Spark Sessions
Spark Sessions
Meet one-on-one or in small groups with facilitators who can mentor and offer advice based on your individual needs or scenarios.

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SpaceLab Design Thinking

SpaceLab: Design Thinking Workshops
Create impactful solutions to school-based challenges. Design thinking encourages empathy and collaboration to build up ideas with few limits during the brainstorming phase.
Spacelab: Meet-Ups
Join a conversation with colleagues. These occur during large-group gatherings such as breakfast, lunch, or happy hour.
SpaceLab Seeing is Believing
Spacelab: Seeing is Believing Expeditions
Travel to nearby learning experiences. These are adventures!

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2016 CEI Showcase


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