Rebecca Holmes

President and Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 720-502-4700

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Elliott Asp

Senior Partner

Phone: 720-502-4718

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Gail Bantugan

Office Manager

Phone: 720-502-4715

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Paul Beck

Manager, Initiatives, Next Generation Learning

Phone: 720-502-4732

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Jon Blumenfield

Coordinator, Next Generation Learning and SpaceLab

Phone: 720-502-4727

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Jackie Brauhn

Coordinator, Research and Impact

Phone: 720-502-4731

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Jason Burke

Coordinator-Accelerator Project

Phone: 720-502-4720

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Alex Carter, Ed.D

Vice President, External Relations

Phone: 720-502-4705

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Heather Chikoore

Director, Policy

Phone: 720-502-4704

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Eve Dreher

Vice President, External Affairs

Phone: 720-502-4756

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Amy Dyett

Director, Health and Wellness

Phone: 720-502-4716

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Finessa Ferrell

Director, Health and Wellness

Phone: 720-502-4709

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Sarah Forbes

Manager, Research and Impact

Phone: 720-502-4751

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Karen Herbert

Director, Professional Learning

Phone: 720-502-4723

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Greg Hessee

Director, Colorado Legacy Schools

Phone: 720-502-4714

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Tara Jahn

Senior Manager, SpaceLab

Phone: 720-502-4722

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Christina Jean

Director, Next Generation Learning

Phone: 720-502-4726

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Elizabeth Kuehl

Manager, STEM

Phone: 720-502-4736

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Rachel Lieurance

Fellow, Research and Impact

Phone: 720-502-4721

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Emily Love

Director, Research and Impact

Phone: 720-502-4754

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Benjamin Marchand

Grant Accountant, Finance and Accounting

Phone: 720-502-4735

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Samantha Olson

Vice President - Strategic Learning and Organizational Development

Phone: 720-502-4703

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Danielle Otsuka

Development Director, Development

Phone: 720-502-4719

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Mary Palmer

Payroll and Benefits Accountant

Phone: 720-502-4740

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Susan Paulsen

Graphic and Website Designer

Phone: 720-502-4734

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Andrea Pulskamp

Senior Manager - Initiatives, Health and Wellness

Phone: 720-502-4749

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Sandy Sales

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 720-502-4706

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Carly Schwab

English Content Specialist, Colorado Legacy Schools

Phone: 720 502-4748

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Jaren Amelia Smith

Math Content Specialist, Colorado Legacy Schools

Phone: 720-708-9898

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Amy Spicer

Director, Professional Learning

Phone: 720-502-4707

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Katie Terrazas Hoover

Team Coordinator, Health and Wellness

Phone: 720-502-4713

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Christine Williams

Coordinator, Colorado Healthy Schools Smart Source

Phone: 720-502-4752

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