Our History and Accomplishments

Since 2007, The Colorado Education Initiative has played a pivotal role in advancing key initiatives in public education. Our organization was originally established with the narrow focus of raising funds to help support the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). We soon realized that our statewide focus and close partnership with CDE offered a unique opportunity to do much more. Early on we had an important influence in bringing focus to educator effectiveness and in creating awareness about the critical link between student health and academic achievement.

Today, we act as the innovation and R & D partner for CDE. We incubate innovation, shine a spotlight on success and invest in organizations, schools and ideas that improve outcomes for students. We believe that the greatest leverage point for change is in building a broad base of constituents who explore, adopt and share innovative and effective practices. We have earned a reputation as an honest broker and trusted source of good information. The Colorado Education Initiative is not an advocacy organization. We focus on the effective implementation of education initiatives that result in increased achievement for Colorado students. Our approach has attracted national attention and millions of philanthropic dollars to public education in Colorado. Until April of 2014, we were known as the Colorado Legacy Foundation.

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