Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) Toolkit


The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) offers a research-based approach to incorporating literacy into all content areas in grades K-12 by providing a common framework that facilitates teacher creativity and provides differentiated, meaningful, and engaging learning experiences for students.  The toolkit is a resource for LDC teacher trainers, LDC teachers, and anyone interested in learning more about LDC. Start by reviewing the documents entitled “Introduction to the Toolkit” and “Toolkit Tips for Trainers” before proceeding to the training and supplemental materials.

If your school, district, or BOCES is interested in learning more about LDC and/or implementing this approach to incorporating literacy into elementary, middle and/or high school content areas, CEI can assist you with identifying a consultant. To discuss how CEI can support your district with LDC implementation, call 303-736-6477.

Professional Learning Bytes

PLC Bytes Module 1 – Vocabulary

PLC Bytes Module 2 – Essential Questions

PLC Bytes Module 3 – Note Taking

PLC Bytes Module 4 – Close Reading Supporting Materials

Handouts for Designing Close Reading

PLC Bytes Module 5 – Text Complexity– Supporting Materials

PLC Bytes Module 6 – Supporting Student Writing

PLC Bytes Module 7 – Creating Access and Understanding for English Learners

PLC Bytes Module 8 – Revising and Editing

Introduction to Module Creator

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